Basiq's Editorial Policy
Written by Victor Leung
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At Basiq, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and actionable content related to data, payments, the Consumer Data Right, Open Banking and financial technology.

Our editorial policy serves as the backbone for maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality in our content across all owned properties.

Content quality

Our team of subject matter experts rigorously research and review each topic. We prioritise primary sources like internal data, industry research, white papers and government data, and consult internal and external industry professionals for additional insights.

Accuracy & fact-checking

Accuracy is paramount. All content undergoes a thorough review and fact-checking process. Errors, if any, are corrected promptly and transparently.

Ethical standards

We adhere to ethical guidelines that include confidentiality, conflict of interest, and proper source attribution. We respect intellectual property and do not engage in plagiarism.

User engagement

We value our readers' feedback and encourage open discussions. We aim to respond promptly and respectfully to all comments and questions.

Continuous updates

The landscape of financial technology is ever-changing. We regularly update our content to reflect current trends and practices.

Inclusive language

We are committed to using inclusive language that resonates with a diverse audience. This involves avoiding stereotypes and generalisations, and being mindful of the terminology we use.

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