The Basiq Launchpad refund policy

Terms and conditions for terminating your Basiq Launchpad subscription.

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Generally, if you terminate your Basiq Launchpad subscription in line with the Terms and Conditions set out below, Basiq will cancel your access to the Basiq Launchpad at the end of the applicable billing cycle. All amounts invoiced before we receive a request from you to terminate your Basiq Launchpad subscription will remain fully due and payable.

1.1 To terminate your subscription to the Basiq Launchpad service, please contact or Once Basiq receives your request, billing will be cancelled from that point forward.

1.2 You will retain access to and use of the Basiq Launchpad service until the end of that billing cycle. It is your responsibility to retrieve your data or replace the functionality supplied by the Basiq Launchpad Services prior to your access ceasing.

1.3 Nothing under this Refund Policy affects yours or Basiqs rights and obligations under the Basiq Terms of Service, including (but not limited to):

  • 1.3.1 Basiq’s right to terminate access under clause 5.4; or

  • 1.3.2 Basiq’s right to retain your information (including copies) clause 5.5.

If you have an amount outstanding and are experiencing financial hardship, please contact to discuss your options.

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