For a quick demonstrations simply go to our demo site:
Username: username_valid
Password : password_valid

Sequence Diagram for an overview of securely authenticating and connecting

If you're ready to proceed with the technical steps, see our guide below:

1. Before we begin, ensure you are set up and configured with an API Key and have Postman installed with the Basiq postman collection.

See our get started guide here:

2. Open Postman and check scope = SERVER_ACCESS i.e. [FULL_ACCESS]

3. Add your API Key to generate the access token.

Copy the generated access key for Step 4.

4.Paste the above generated access key to the Authorization value.

Copy the id for Step 6.

5. Generate a new access token by selecting scope = CLIENT_ACCESS i.e. [RESTRICTED_ACCESS]

Copy the access token for Step 6.

6. Enter the id and access token to the URL below:


7. You now have access to the UI Control!

See our GitHub page for the source code:

Product information:

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