1. Download and install the Postman application to your local workstation (note: the browser version does not work with this collection)

(Optional) register an account with Postman

2. Sign up for a free Basiq account


3. After signing up create a new API Key:

4. [ 1 ] Give the key a name and [ 2 ] click Create Key:

5. Securely save the API Key to a secure location for use in Step 9 and click Continue:

6. You will be returned to your list of API keys. Your new key is enabled by default:

You're now ready to play with the sandbox data!

7. Go to our sample code (also known as the Beta Postman Collection) and click Run in Postman:


8. After clicking Run in Postman select the Postman app that was installed in Step 1 (the option will display your operating system, e.g. Mac/Windows)

9. In Postman click on the menu options [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ] & [ 4 ]

[ 5 ] Then replace XXXXXX with your API Key from Step 5, above

[ 6 ] Click Save

You’re now ready to use and test Basiq’s sandbox environment

10. To run the test simply click Run from the collection menu:

11. The Collection Runner window will open. Click Run:

12. You will see the results in the Collection Runner window.

13. See our documentation for further reference.


NOTE: The sandbox is limited to 500 connections per account. If you 
need to increase this quota, please email us at support@basiq.io
or hop on the chat (blue icon bottom right of this screen).

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