1. Install Postman to your local workstation

(Optional) register an account with Postman

2. Sign up for an API key in Basiq’s Dashboard.


3. After signing up create a new API Key.

4. Give the key a name and click create key.

5. Securely save the API Key to a secure location for use in Step 9 and click Continue.

6. You will be returned to your dashboard with a list of your keys. Activate the key.

7. You're now ready to play with the Sandbox data
Go to our sample code (also known as the Beta Postman Collection) and click “Run in Postman”


8. After clicking “Run in Postman” select Postman that was installed in Step 1 (Option will display your Operating System e.g. Mac/Windows)

9. In Postman click on the menu options 1, 2, 3 & 4

Then replace XXXXXX with your API Key from Step 5

Click Save.

10. You’re now ready to use and test Basiq’s Sandbox environment.
To run the test simply click Run from the Collection.

11. Click Run again in the Collection Runner window.

12. You will see the results in the Collection Runner window.

13. See our documentation for further reference.


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