Retrieve new account and transaction data by refreshing your customer connection in two ways. You can either access:

  • the latest data via the Connect API, or 

  • recently cached data using our Scheduler Service - accessible via the Developer Dashboard

On demand refresh using our API

This means you need to retrieve the latest up-to-the-minute account or transaction data for your customer to trigger a real-time process such as a customer notification or execution of a payment process.

When you call our refresh API:, we return a JobId:, which you can use to  track the status of the data-fetching process by polling the status of the job

Refreshed data is made available once the Job resource returns a "success" status. 

No additional caching is involved on our side for the refresh process.  Once the refresh operation has been successfully performed, the most recent data will be available immediately

You can also refresh all connections: at anytime.  Calling this triggers an asynchronous request to initiate the process to retrieve the latest accounts and transactions for all connections.

Auto refresh using our Scheduler Tool

This means that you need recent data that has been cached automatically at several points during the day.  For you, speed of access to the data is most important.

We are happy to announce our Scheduler Service which allows you to optimise performance by automating the retrieval of account and transaction data multiple times a day.

This means you can access data faster - from the cache allowing you fine tune performance of your app and deliver a better experience to your customers, without compromising freshness of data. 

For example, use this for your PFM to display up-to-date transaction data to your customer every time they log in.

It's available now on the Developer Dashboard - check it out here: The slider allows you to schedule data refreshes for up to 5 times per day.  Just choose the configuration that makes sense for your business.

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