In the latest release of Basiq’s Connect 2.0 Product we introduced the UI Control which can be embedded within your application to enable your users to securely provide their username and password, reducing your liability and taking advantage of Basiq’s Open Banking secure encryption methods.

  • Embed the Basiq UI Control within a native app, or on a web-pageand let us securely guide users through bank connection setup. 

  • The great thing about the UI control is that the page is served via our servers, and therefore the credential capture never hits your server environment

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Get started with the Basiq Connect UI Control

Full documentation for using our UI control is available here:

Not familiar with the Connect API? 

We have tried to make the API as friendly to use as possible so hopefully it should be intuitive. However, it's important to understand the data model and some of the concepts. 

  • The root resource or the Basiq Connect API is the "user" this reflects a user within your system (i.e. a real person). Before you can retrieve user's data, you will need to create a "user" within our system. This should return a user id, which you should store for future reference.

  • Once a user is created, you can then create a "connection" for that user. A connection is a connection to the user's financial institution. If you use our Basiq UI Control you will then this handle the creation of the connection.

  • User's credentials are stored with the connection object. So when you destroy a connection, we will permanently remove it from our server also.

  • When you create a connection the first time, or if you refresh the connection to obtain the latest data, the system will process this request asynchronously - by returning a reference to a jobs resource that you can poll to keep track of the connection's progress.

  • Once a connection has been created or refreshed the accounts and transaction data will be available to you.

Some other pointers...

  • If you have further questions please ask, or read more about Basiq products on the website:  

The Basiq Product Team

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